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In Casteddu there is no real fixed menu, but we can say that around a few dishes which are now the history of Sardinian cuisine, we put a lot of dishes that refer to the seasons and their products.

In fact along with the salami, the Sardinian gnocchi, ravioli with ricotta and mint, soup Gallura, the culurgiones and the inevitable roast suckling little pig that have become a fixed item on our menu, you can taste the boar with olives or sweet and sour chicken livers in sauce, seasonal vegetables breaded and fried, grilled vegetables, field beans with bacon and fresh mint, artichokes, wild asparagus, with which you can make excellent omelets and cream to serve with the stuffed pasta, pecorino cheese and vaccines, ricotta, fresh and salted mushrooms and again in our woods in autumn enter our menu, to the delight of many connoisseurs who come to “Casteddu” taste for salads or ova mushrooms, fried mushrooms, grilled, mushrooms, polenta with sausages and mushrooms, tagliatelle with fresh porcini mushrooms, mushrooms in short in every way.

To finish the meal can not miss, of course, Seada, a cake that melts in ancient origins of honey if the sweet and salty fresh cheese held together in a tortello pasta. The whole and washed down with good red wine Sardegna.

The form of payment is fully understood to avoid nasty surprises at the end!

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